June Wrap-up: What I Read This Month

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Hello lovely people! It’s that time again, the end of the month, where everyone regrets not reading more in the past four weeks and vows to read twice as much next month. I ended up reading a decent amount of books this month, considering that I had exams at the beginning of the month and four summer classes to worry about. Without further ado, let’s get into all the books I read in the month of June! 🙂

anna-and-the-french-kissTitle: Anna and the French Kiss

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Publishing Info: Published in December 2010 by by Dutton Juvenile

Number of Pages: 372

My Rating: 4/5

I loved you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I had been reading a lot of classics in April and May, so at the beginning of June I was in the mood for an easy, cute, YA contemporary book. Since everyone and their cousin has read Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss, I thought I would finally read it, and it was just what I needed! For those who don’t already know, this book follows the story of a girl named Anna whose super-rich novelist of a father moves her from her home in Atlanta to an elite boarding school in Paris to finish up her senior year of high school. Whilst there, Anna meets the attractive Etienne St. Clair, who is a complete and utter dreamboat (and yes, I just used the word “dreamboat,” deal with it). I absolutely flew through this book, and would have given it five stars if it weren’t for the way Perkins wrote some of Etienne’s dialogue. Yes, we understand he has a British accent, you don’t have to write silly phrases like “me mum” to make that clear to readers. Overall though, I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a fun, quick read!

Title: Throne of Glassthrone of glass

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Genre:  Young Adult, High Fantasy

Publishing Info: Published in August 2012 by Bloomsbury USA

Number of Pages: 404

 My Rating: 4/5

‘You could rattle the stars,’ she whispered. ‘You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it too. That’s what scares you most.’

I was clearly on a bit of a YA spree at the beginning of June, as I jumped right into Throne of Glass mere hours after finishing Anna and the French Kiss. I was a little dubious going into this book, because I’ve never really read any YA Fantasy, but I loved this book!! Celaena Sardothien is kick butt and has very quickly become one of my favorite heroins, and Sarah J. Maas’ writing style made this whole world so believable and engrossing. I just really enjoyed and this and cannot recommend it enough if you’re looking for a good fantasy read!

the_royal_we__spanTitle: The Royal We

Author: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Publishing Info: Published in April 2015 by Grand Central Publishing

Number of Pages: 454

My Rating: 5/5

Whatever this is… it doesn’t happen twice in a lifetime. I’d rather work at this with you than settle for less with anyone else.

This. Book. Is. Fantastic. I won’t talk too much about this here, as I’ve already written an entire review of it (which you can find here) but suffice it to say that this is, by far, the best book I read in June and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since! I cannot recommend this one enough.

Title: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxyhitchhikers

Author: Douglas Adams

Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy

Publishing Info: Published in 1979 by Del Rey Books

Number of Pages: 193

My Rating: 3.5/5

He felt his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.

This book takes the cake for the wackiest book I read this month. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of the books that is extremely hard to explain to someone who knows nothing about it. Basically, the book starts with a man named Arthur Dent who is saved by an alien posing as a human named Ford Prefect when the Earth is destroyed to make way for an intergalactic freeway, and follows the story of Arthur and Ford as they hitchhike throughout the galaxy. While that all sounds extremely bizarre and a little far out to say the least, the beauty of this book is the comedic aspect. Adams is so wonderfully witty and hilarious, and a lot of his comments about humans, while meant to be satirical, are actually extremely accurate. I would have rated this book higher than 3.5/5, however I was kind of lost and confused at some of the more sci-fi parts of the book. Overall, I really enjoyed this, however I do think I should reread it at some point because I think there are a lot of bits I didn’t fully appreciate.

So that’s it for June! I’m pretty with happy with the books I read, although I’m hoping to knock quite a few more books off my TBR list in July. I’d love to know what all of you read in June, and happy reading!


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