Watch Out World, I’m Back!

Hello all you lovely people! It seems like absolutely ages ago since I’ve sat down at my laptop and written something on this blog, and I’ve missed it loads! The last time I posted anything was August, and after that my senior year of high school started and since then everything has become a chaotic blur of college applications, essays, financial aid, and schoolwork (any other high school seniors out there can relate, I’m sure!).

That being said, everything is starting to calm down a bit now. Most of my college applications are off, it’s almost Christmas break, and my reading pace has picked back up considerably. I hope to try and post more regularly, preferably once a week (a girl can dream, right?) and I have some reviews, discussion posts, and possible Christmas-themed ideas coming up soon. You can also check me out on my Instagram page (@reflectionsofareader) where I post bookish pictures most days. That’s all for now, but I hope to be back discussing with you all very very soon! 🙂


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