ANNOUNCEMENT – Sunday Morning Book Chats Series!

Hello lovely readers! Today I am very excited to announce a project that has been in the works for the last couple of weeks, and one that I can’t wait for you guys to see. Starting this Sunday and continuing indefinitely, I will be starting a weekly series called Sunday Morning Book Chats where I’ll be sitting down with some of your favorite bookstagrammers and talking about life, books, popular culture, and how they all got started in this wonderful community we know as bookstagram. 🙂

Sunday Morning Book Chat

Now, for those of you who may not know, bookstagram is the name for the bookish community on the social media site Instagram. Bookstagram is not some select group that you have to be invited to join; if you post photos of books on Instagram and use the hashtag #bookstagram, you are more than entitled to call yourself a bookstagrammer (how many more times can I say bookstagram in one sentence?).

The bookstagram community as a whole has expanded over the last few years and gained more attention in the online bookish world, however, in comparison to book blogs and booktubers I feel that bookstagrammers are still relatively unrecognized and underappreciated. I thought this might be because of the anonymity that comes with bookstagram – with book blogs readers are exposed to your own unique writing voice, and with booktube viewers can see your face and actually hear you speak. With bookstagram, however, all viewers see is the gorgeously-composed shot, and a lot of the time the person behind the photo, unfortunately, goes ignored.

So, that is the reason I’ve created this Sunday Morning Book Chats series! I myself have a bookstagram account (you can find the link here), and I know firsthand that this community is made up of beautiful, interesting, diverse individuals. My hope is that through this interview series, you as the viewers will gain a deeper insight into the people behind the photographs and that bookstagram will gain the recognition it so justly deserves.

Without further ado, here is the much-awaited schedule of interviews for my Sunday Morning Book Chats series! This is not the full lineup of participating bookstagrammers, just merely a small glimpse, and as the weeks go up I will continue to update this schedule as more bookstagrammers join in. There will be a tab at the top of my home page with all the details and a up-to-the-minute schedule, if you are interested. 🙂


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